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Renewal Licensing Information

You can now click the link below and renew your insurance license online. The NIPR link below not only allows you to process your renewal online but has frequently asked questions on the website as well. You can review the licensing rules and licensing periods required by the state to make sure you stay on top of your license renewal.

Individuals must be licensed to serve as producers, brokers, counselors or adjusters before transacting insurance.
Continuing Education Requirement

To retain their license producers and adjusters licensed in Arkansas must complete 24 hours of continuing education (CE) courses every 2 years. At least 3 hours of CE hours must be in ethics.
No course can be repeated within 2 years (730 days) to be counted toward CE hours.

Exempt from Continuing Education

A producer can become exempt based on age or length of licensure if licensed as a resident Arkansas
producer prior to July 1, 2003, and has remained a resident Arkansas licensee without break.
Once a person reaches 60 years of age or reaches 15 consecutive years of licensure (no breaks in licensure), they can become exempt if licensed as a resident Arkansas producer prior to July 1, 2003.

This exemption does not apply if the person was licensed as a resident Arkansas producer after July 1, 2003, and the licensee cannot use licensure in another state prior to becoming licensed in Arkansas for the 15-year license exemption.
If the person is licensed as a resident Arkansas producer after July 1, 2003, they can never become exempt from Continuing Education.
Important: There is no exemption for title agents and no exemption for adjusters.
Additional information regarding education history, licensing information, etc. can be found on the Arkansas Insurance Department website:


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