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ID Shield

​Identity Theft Victim - Don't Be One!

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The Big “I” has partnered with IDShield to bring you a product that far exceeds Lifelock for a much more affordable price.

Buy for you and your family and then offer this product to your​ client. 

Identity theft is the one issue in the U.S. we all think will not happen to us until it is too late. We now offer a product that can help insure and protect you from the damage that is done ​when your identity is taken. 26 million adults have fallen victim to identity theft in just the past 12 months alone. There are breaches of credit cards, social security cards, and even health insurance information happening every day. With this product your information is being monitored and you are contacted immediately if a change occurs. You not only gain a sense of security, but also specialist at your fingertips 24 hours a day, and if there is a compromise, your own private investigator will begin restoring you back to exactly where you were. Stay Always Connected with the My IDShield App, and stay Always Protected by signing up today.


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​Contact Kari McAfee for any questions!


Phone: 501-221-2444