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Jan 20
3 Content Ideas to Improve Your Agency's Social Media

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In today’s world social media is everywhere, both in our personal lives and our professional lives as well. As a consumer, it's an easy way to learn more about a business without even interacting with them. And honestly, if a company ISN’T on social media these days, aren’t you a little concerned? But with the speed and intensity of the world’s digital transformation, have you ever wondered if your agency is actually utilizing social media to its greatest potential? 

A simple way to optimize your agency’s social media strategy is the 80/20 rule. This term is used in marketing and public relations, and it helps to guide content creators in the right direction. It simply means that looking at your brand’s social media presence as a whole, 80% of your content should be community focused, while only 20% of your content should be focused on actually selling your product.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Only 20%, how will my clients ever know what to buy?” While it may seem counterproductive, this percentage has proven to be effective. In today’s culture, people are consumed with products and sales. They see a multitude of ads with every swipe of the thumb. But what recent generations have shown us is that relationships, knowledge, and loyalty are becoming more valuable than ever. And this is even more true in the Insurance Industry. Today’s clients want to learn and understand the agencies they do business with, and in turn they want to feel truly understood by their agencies as well. 

And this concept is possibly the most relevant in the world of social media. Clients don’t want to be sold, they want to be known. So by instituting the 80/20 rule, agencies are able to cultivate a two-way community that provides value for their client’s needs, rather than forcing them things they don’t actually want.

But simply cutting down on posting about your agency's products won’t fix the problem. You need to transform the way that you communicate with your followers. So here are three quick content types that will help you to increase your online community.​​

​Educating Content

A simple way to connect with your audience is to teach them something! And the most effective method for doing this is to frame it in a way that solves a problem. Share your tricks of the trade that will help your followers save time, money, or effort. You can even showcase interesting facts about the insurance industry, or answer frequently asked questions in an exciting way. Educational types of content provide major value to your audience, which validates their reason for following you. This causes them to gain interest, trust, and loyalty in your agency. And eventually, a loyal follower will turn into a loyal client. 

Engaging Content

A big part of social media is starting a conversation. Easily engage with your readers by compelling them to add their part to your story. Today’s generations are showing us that now more than ever, they want their voices to be heard. To do this, create posts that pose a question and ask for answers, or showcase a popular person in your industry/community. Member shoutouts and personal stories will always stand out more to your audience than products, because people truly care about people. It’s in our nature. But don’t fight it, embrace it!

Understanding Content

How do you connect with a new person that you meet? You tell them about yourself. So how do you connect with your online audience? You tell them about yourself! Agencies are often surprised with how much their clients want to know about them. But think about this, if your favorite celebrity shared a video about their everyday life, wouldn’t you want to watch it? This is because we want to feel like we are more than just their follower; we are their friend. And you can easily translate this concept into your agency. Start by sharing your foundation, history, and mission. Next, showcase your staff and share their path in the company and in their everyday life. Finally, find ways to express how your ageceny’s values are embodied into everything you do. The more a client understands about who you are as an agency, the more they will understand why they want to be a part of it. 


Social media is exciting and ever changing, but at its roots it is a way for people to connect with one another. And for your agency to succeed in this online community, you must contribute to the conversation instead of just saying the things you want it to hear. Take the first step by implementing Educating, Engaging, and Understanding Content, and see where it can take you.

Has your agency tested out the 80/20 rule? Let us know!

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